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angry brown thoughts

Anonymous asked: Why is so hard for my fellow PoC to believe that white ppl also have a heritage/culture? I mean I'm mixed (Irish/NA/Indian). I am considered "white" by PoC standards but I find it unfair that I am constantly accused of CA when I wear things native to my heritage. Also why can't we ask ppl about their heritage BEFORE we accuse someone of CA. For example my best friend is German/Irish/NA but b/c she is pale skinned she cannot "claim" her Native American heritage without being bashed by PoC. WTF?!

White people as a “whole” are simply a social construct there is no such thing as white culture. For centuries up until European imperialism Europeans in each of their nations were fighting one another, but as conquest for domination of goods in foreign lands came into play, they banded together to create this idea that all lighted skin people of European origin are “White”. Black culture however is real because it binds people of African descent in the Americas through centuries of music, literature, art, etc. The idea White culture exists is outrageous, white people only call themselves white when in comparison to POC, there is no binding force. There is no such thing as White literature, art, music, etc. There however is German-American culture, French American culture, American Culture, English culture, Irish Culture, Albanian culture, etc. If you’re a POC then no one has the right to assume you are CA your own culture, but sadly there are cases where a “White” person finds out they have  1/6 Native American heritage and suddenly start using that as an excuse to CA a culture they just recently discovered they had ties to.

In the U.S. race is everything it defines and puts everyone in these tight boxes. If you are white that’s it you’re white. If you’re black that’s it you’re black. People fail to realize in the U.S. that the world is black and white in terms of people, but that is far from it there are North Asians, , African Americans, Central Asians, North Africans, West Africans, Australians,etc. People have very little interest about your actual culture, just the color of your skin and the language you speak.

No one cares that you are from Ghana and not Jamaica or that someone who is from Albania is Muslim, until we blatantly present our cultures in their faces, people label.

It still makes me cringe when I see the pictures of the Avatar film, how on earth do you get a White person to play Katara, apparently brown skin in cartoons doesn’t translate onto film.

People using the term Aryan to describe white people, please stop. Aryan is a Sanskrit word meaning “noble” it was stolen much like the swastika by Adolf Hitler to promote his ideal world of White supremacy it has absolutely nothing to do with being a white person. The term is South Asian the only people who have any true ties to the word thus are South Asians.

If your argument regarding racism in our world today involves “but that was our ancestors not us, how can you hold us accountable” then clearly you fail to recognize your white privilege and how every single day POC are scrutinized by even the most mundane and minute of things.

I’m sick of this bullshit White supremacist imagery in Western fashion ads, oh so you put a white female/male model dressed in head to toe designer or haute couture in the midst of some POC who are usually poor along with some wild animals to boot so you could get some great shots to send back to the studio to print out in your fashion magazines. In turn so all your readers can think “wow what a spiritual and exotic place this company is so diverse and forward thinking; we should go there on holiday one day”. All the while you continue to promote your neo-colonial ideas onto the general public, while appearing to be embracing the other.




White privilege is having the music your people make stole from blacks considered deep, meaningful, and real, while music made by blacks is considered ghetto, trashy, and harmful to society.



White privilege is saying something people of color have been saying for ages and being considered a hero and constantly given validation while the POC who came up with those ideas were considered evil, harmful threats to society.

Submission from thatprettyoddfeminist.